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In the past 6 months, I’ve used my NEARS connections to:

§  Do reference checks on a new TMS with folks who actually use the software

§  Find a location to stage railcars near a customer to reduce our lead times and better manage inventories

§  Facilitate a transload operation

§  Ask dozens of questions on railcar maintenance, repair, and design

§  Find a specialty provider for cleaning and refitting of tank cars

§  Collect estimated costs to support multiple logistics feasibility studies

§  Help me train my employees into new roles

§  Recruit new team members

§  Locate railcar capacity for short term logistical support

At the last conference, I met:

§  4 of my Railroad Account Managers and their Directors

§  Director and VP level executives from multiple leasing companies

§  2 Investment Analysts who provide insight into the transportation industry as a whole

§  20 new peers (shippers who manage rail for their companies)

§  2 Transportation Software providers, who provide services that I am in the market for

§  2 government officials that act as consumer advocates or shipper resources

As a result of my attendance, I got:

§  Updates on the rail market place from all the speakers and contacts I made

§  Access to a full list of attendees to be able to network with them in the future

§  Access to the presentations of the speakers and permission to contact them regarding the content that I used in business presentations

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We have awarded over $100k to students from all over the United States, one of the many benefits of being a NEARS member.


Honoring those who serve our industry, the NEARS Hall of Fame and Transportation Person of the Year are awarded annually.


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Our Board of directors

Our BOD represents all aspects of the shipping community.  As we are a shippers organization, our bylaws restrict railroad employees from becoming officers.

Carl Citelli 


mark r
1st VP
Mark Ritchey

Curry Rail Services

rob pisani
2nd VP
Rob Pisani


Past President
Dennis Wilmot

Iron Horse Logistics

Executive Director
Scott McCalla
Board of Directors

Scott McCalla -  NEARS Executive, Director

Carl Citelli  - Cargomatic, President

Mark Ritchey -  Curry Rail Services, 1st Vice President

Rob Pisan - i CIT Rail,  2nd Vice President

Dennis Wilmot -  Iron Horse Logistics Services, Advisory Committee Chair

Mike Barbato -  Retired,  Board Member

Don Cameron -  Uber Freight, Board Member

Michael Clements -  CSX,  Board Member

Thomas Coleman -  Shale Rail, Board Member

Chad Grinnell - Norfolk Southern, Board Member

Todd Hunter - North Shore Railroad Company & Affiliates, Board Member

Perry Martel - Vermont Rail System,  Board Member

John Meyers  - D.M. Bowman,  Board Member

Stacy Ossenfort -  Northeast Freight Transfer,  Board Member

Roger Reynolds -  Omya Inc, Board Member

Jason Seidl - TD Cowen, Board Member

Past Presidents

2022 - 2023      Erica Breiterman

2020 – 2021      Dennis Wilmot 

2018 - 2019       Jason Seidl

2016 - 2017      Don Cameron 

2014 - 2015      John Meyers 

2012 - 2013      Scott McCalla 

2010 - 2011      Dana Burleigh 

2008 - 2009      Tammy Baker-Silver 

2006 - 2007      Gerald Racette 

2004 - 2005      Diane El-Hakim 

2002 - 2003      Michael Cella 

2000 - 2001      Kathy Dalrymple 

1998 - 1999      Paula Mehan 

1996 - 1997      Michael Calabucci 

1994 - 1995      Joe Gearin 

1992 – 1993      Brenda Horne 

1990 - 1991      Joe Gearin 

1988 - 1989      Kenneth Enzor 

1986 – 1987      Ruth Gale 

1984 – 1985      Kenneth Enzor 

1982 – 1983      Ken Bowers 

1980 – 1981      Gene Bernard

Past Executive Directors

2017 – Present                                       Scott McCalla

·       2004 – 2016                                             Joe Gearin

·       1986 – 2003                                             William Donovan

·       1980 – 1985                                             John Morton